FAQ for Visitors

1. How do I get there?

From the east: From US I-68: Merge onto MD 36 at Exit 34 toward FROSTBURG/US-40-ALT. Turn left onto EAST MAIN ST/ US-40-ALT. Travel west a few blocks. The church is on your right between Bowery and Center Streets, about a block beyond the light.
From the west: Follow US I-68 toward Cumberland. Take the MIDLOTHIAN RD NORTH exit, EXIT 33, toward FROSTBURG. Turn LEFT onto MIDLOTHIAN RD. Turn LEFT onto PARK AVE, which becomes CENTER ST. Follow it to the light. Turn RIGHT onto E MAIN (which is also ALT US 40). The church is on your left at 136 E Main St.

2. Where do I park?

You have three good choices for parking. The quickest is right on Main Street where metered parking is free and generally plentiful on Sundays. For parking at the level of the Sunday service, park behind the church (where handicap space is also available) or in our auxiliary lot just across the narrow street behind.

3. Where do I go?

From Main Street you may enter either of two doors, both of which give you access to Sunday School classes or steps to the sanctuary and fellowship hall.
From the church parking lots, a ramp will lead you to the door. The sanctuary is on your left, the fellowship hall on your right.

4. Where do my kids go?

a. Sunday School: Classes are on the ground floor.
b. Children’s Church: Children are welcome in worship services, but they may also wish to go to children’s church under adult supervision (that the church provides) after opening greetings and special music. Children’s church is for children from two years to eight years (parents, use your discretion: some eight-year-olds are ready for “big” church). Children who want to participate are dismissed from the sanctuary during the offering hymn, and may follow the teaching leader to the fellowship area across the hall.
c. Nursery: A nursery is provided for bed babies up to two years of age. It is located on the lower level of the fellowship hall. If you find it unattended, please let an usher know.

5. What are worship services like?

Worship services take a traditional shape, but with a somewhat less formal feeling. Visitors usually describe the church as “friendly” and “open.” For example, there is a brief informal moment during the early part of the service when we all, visitors included, pause to shake hands and greet the people around us, and another when we all, visitors included, look around to visualize the people we are silently praying for. Sermons are always presented in a “low keyed” kind of way, and the message is always Biblical. There is often an altar call after the sermon, and the pastor always asks for people who need to speak to him on spiritual matters to see him after church. The service begins with the singing of the doxology and ends with a hymn and benediction.

6. What do I wear?

There is no one, proper way to dress for church: People just try to “look their best under the circumstances.” Visitors and some members often wear jeans and other informal wear. A very few men wear sports jackets, for example—but very few.

7. Other than Sunday services, what else happens at church?

A great many events, other than the Sunday services, happen at First English Baptist Church. In fact, we have devoted several pages to information on those activities. You can access them by hitting the “Ministries” button on the homepage banner.

8. Can I meet the pastor?

Yes, indeed! You, like everyone else, will find him friendly, open, and easily approachable.

9. What does the church believe?

FEBC is a gospel-teaching New Testament church. It has affiliation with the Southern Baptist Convention, the Baptist Convention of Maryland, and the Western Maryland Baptist Association. The church is completely non-political, hoping that people will exercise their right to vote, but never trying to influence those votes.

10. How do I become a member?

You can become a member by profession of faith in a risen and redemptive Christ and by baptism by immersion if physically possible, or by a transfer of your church letter from another New Testament church of similar beliefs.

11. How do you observe communion?

Communion (The Lord’s Table) is observed on the First Sunday of each month (except in the month of Easter when it is observed at a separate evening service) at the close of the service. Tiny portions of bread and cups of grape juice are used in remembrance of the death of the Redeemer as we look back to Calvary and ahead to Christ’s return. Deacons distribute the elements, and all partake together at the pastor’s instructions. Participants should know Jesus Christ as their personal savior, but are not required to be members of FEBC.